David Border

David Border - David Border Consultancy  Hi – I am a long-time microbiologist, working as a consultant in the organics recycling and renewable energy industries (David Border Consultancy).This is a new Blog I have set up to communicate with others in the industries of anaerobic digestion (biogas), composting and microalgae.

The Blog will report on new developments in these three industries, and, on occasion, other industries that rely upon microorganisms. I will also cover the activities of the main Associations supporting these industries along with those of the major commercial companies and academic research groups.

I hope that followers of the Blog will find the posts interesting, informative and a stimulus to comment upon developments in these very exciting industries.I am always open to ideas on changes and improvements to the Blog.  Let’s have your thoughts about what I post, and let everyone know about important topics I have missed!

I would like this site to help bring together some of the vast amount of experience and knowledge that is out there so that we can all understand and help develop these industries a little better.

You can find out more about me, my background, experience and interests at my website (http://www.davidborder.co.uk) and at LinkedIn.

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